Thursday, March 6, 2008

Recording the Sarabande

Today I recorded the Sarabande...I hope to post-it unless there are technical problems. It's sad to admit, but I refuse to learn how to operate the recording machinery. I feel that learning the notes is hard enough! However, I did set-up the equipment today and hopefully I did get a take I can post. I usually press a wrong button, or the mic is to close to the piano or not turned on or something silly like that. I really felt inspired today. I'm sure there are technical aspects to address in my playing of the Sarabande, but I hope the feeling of the music comes through. Bach's E Major Sarabande is so sexy and sensual and I feel slightly salacious playing the work. Dance at a Glance says that the Sarabande is expressive, highly ornamental and that there are equal stresses on the first and second beats. Not to mention that there is freedom to stretch time within the beat. Did I achieve that? Please listen.

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