Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

At my house the Easter Bunny visited...

Pumpkin eggs? What was the Easter Bunny thinking?

I made this display to post on a crafts page on Martha Stewart's web site. However, since I did not make any of the Martha Stewart recommended crafts, I didn't post on her site. I found the projects suggested for Easter rather uninspired or very labor intensive. Mine were made in a jiffy and "lent" a festive atmosphere for my modest Easter celebration.

Truth be told, I didn't even celebrate Easter at home this year. Instead I celebrated Easter in Berkeley. My friend Laura and I had brunch before church (breaking with tradition) at Saul's - a nice Jewish deli and oh so delicious --- and marking a further departure from tradition we didn't have any ham nor any lamb! Then off to St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church where we participated in a lovely Mass with some of the service sung in Latin. The music chosen for the Easter service included the Allegro from the Clarinet Quintet and Ave Verum Corpus by Mozart; Andrea Gabrieli's Maria Magdalene (so appropriate for this location) and selections from Franz Schubert's Mass in G (listen to clips at Amazon) of my favorite pieces. During one of my former stints as a church musician, I helped prepare the First Presbyterian Church of San Mateo's choir to sing this mass. I have many fond memories of practicing this glorious and most beautiful work of Franz Schubert. I enjoyed hearing it again immensely.

Happy Easter!

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