Thursday, March 27, 2008

Angela Hewitt

I just found pianist, Angela Hewitt's blog. If you have not heard her Bach playing, I highly recommend it. Like her fellow Canadian, Glenn Gould, she has a high affinity for Bach. It is a matter of personal and perhaps generational preference which pianist one prefers. I love them both. My teacher, harpsichordist Tamara Loring, often disagrees with Gould's choices of tempo, articulation and ornamentation, but loves his tone production. I love how deeply personal his Bach playing is. For me, Hewitt's playing seems more straightforward, somehow more orthodox, which doesn't mean that I find her playing without passion. Her recording of the E Major French Suite is full of joy - the playing sunny and light - which is exactly the way I hear the Suite in my head and feel it in my heart.

I ordered Angela Hewitt's DVD regarding her philosophy on playing Bach on the piano. It will be very interesting to compare what she suggests for interpretation with what Tamara has been teaching. Not to mention to contrast Hewitt's thoughts with Gould's viewpoints.

Angela Hewitt's website:
Angela Hewitt's blog:

In case you haven't heard...Sony has released their entire catalog of Glen Gould's oeuvre.
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