Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fingers Dance a Gigue

Bach ends the Sixth French Suite in E Major with a joyful gigue. Imagining feet taking flight while my fingers do the same as I play this most delightful piece. A description of the gigue follows at:


or of the musical form at:


I'm beginning lessons with Tamara Loring* on Thursday. I'm sure that all of the ornamentation I've been so painstakingly putting into my fingers will change. I know that I've said this many, many times - but, I will have a recorded version of the suite before my lessons with Tamara. Will I post them? It was interesting for me to hear how my versions of the pieces - especially tempos - changed after my lessons with Bruce Potterton at Turtle Bay Music School in New York. I will try to be less self conscious about my non polished playing and post my pre-Loring versions on this blog.

*Tamara Loring is a teacher of chamber music and harpsichord in the Bay Area, and a founding member of WEKA. Her chamber music program, Baroque Ensemble Seminars, is a longstanding fixture of the local (San Francisco Bay Area) early music scene.

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