Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

From last Friday's New York Times (full article linked.) It's St. Valentine's Day...happy hearts and flowers to all. If you would like some "ear candy" as the New York Times suggested last Friday --- visit my web site: and you'll be able to sample a Mompou bonbon. Delightful and 100% calorie free!

The Times article does not mention how difficult it is to make music sound effortless --- from both the creative and performance angles. Just like in cooking, you need the best raw ingredients (for musicians (and cooks) --- great technic) to make a simple dish standout and it often is better than a dish made with butter, cream, fois gras, truffles, champagne, etc. I propose, then, that a serving of Mompou for example is not always a sweet treat for the ear, but perhaps more of a palate cleanser. A needed dish of sorbet, so that the ear is refreshed and ready for another serving of great music.

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David Saslav said...

Melissa, your Mompou playing reminds me more of a soothing glass of sauvignon blanc than any dessert. I tend to enter a reverie of warm, soothing melancholy whenever I visit the Renditions Music website. Bonbons are for babies!