Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hooray for the Bouree

A Bouree is a...

French dance form in fast double two time, accented on the second beat, and starting on the upbeat, the music for which is found in the classical suite. From the Hutchinson Free Dictionary.

Like the Courante, this section of Bach's French Suite VI in E Major is fun to play and it requires a solid left hand. The hands are equal players here. As for many right handed melody centric pianists, my left hand has been sorely neglected. I've been practicing this work with my right hand triple piano and my left hand at forte. I find this more useful than just left hand alone because I need to practice the counterpoint as well. The choreography of the hands is part of what makes this piece so exciting to play.

At this website, there are dance patterns for the Bouree from the time of Louis XIV.
Beautiful to behold.

The rock group, Jethro Tull, made this Bach Bouree famous for youth in the 1970s --- alas it is not the E Major Bouree. It is a slow stately bouree in e minor.

For the 21st century Tenacious D used Bach's e minor bouree in this scatological parody of classical music: Warning explicit lyrics, sacrilegious use of Bach and Mozart, do not open if lacking a sense of humor or deplore the state of the American vernacular...

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