Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mozart's Birthday

On Sunday, January 27, Renditions Music Services presented a student Piano and Voice recital in San Francisco. I performed Mozart's Sonata in F Major, K 332, Movement 1. My piano coach Eliane Lust once told me at all of Mozart is opera ---- so it does not matter if you are playing a symphony, string quartet, or piano sonata --- all of the musical motifs should suggest characters. I love this idea, and of course I have an opera scenario going when I play this piece.

For me the first movement suggests a glorious fox hunt with the hunt participants splendidly dressed, the horses magnificent, the hounds sleek. I hear the call of the hunting horns, galloping horses charging through the forest, hounds chasing the fox in dense woods, interludes where the hunting party pauses for refreshment and perhaps to frolic in the woods...In my version of this hunt, the fox gets away...but, the thrill of the hunt is enough for the hounds and humans.

In England - where my opera takes place - they are now trying to ban fox hunting. (See http://www.arkonline.com/foxhunt.html and http://advocacy.britannica.com/blog/advocacy/2006/12/blairs-britain-bans-foxhunting/)
I understand why so many people are upset with the hunt. Lucky for me a hunt with help from Mozart lives on in my imagination.

Pictures from the Recital Reception

We had a chocolate fountain for the guests - alas this is before the chocolate has been added, nor is the punch in the bowl...marshmallows and strawberries ready for dipping

petits fours, Linda's Lollies and custom M&Ms round out the treats

David and guests

David sang two works "Mondnacht" (“Night of the Moon”) by Robert Schumann and "PhidylĂ©" by Henri Duparc with pianist Seth Stafford. Their performance was lovely and I'm hoping David will upload a clip from this performance soon.

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