Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Love Trail-Mix

I've been asked to be an alpha tester for a new file organizing and sharing software program created by Brennan Gaunce called Trail-Mix. It has changed my life on-line! For example: my blog posts are now so much easier to create. Every time I have a topic or idea I want to blog about, I file it in a Trail-Mix Activity Folder under notes, web links, files or pictures. Then when I want to blog about that topic, I simply open the Activity Folder and drag the content to Blogger's New Post window. So simple! I love this product. All bloggers - check it out. It runs as a Firefox plug-in.

The 10 Reasons Why I Love Trail-Mix!

1. I love saying the name: "Trail-Mix!"
2. Trail-Mix and
Firefox make for speedy web searches
3. Sharing trip information with my family: all the details are in one place, in a Trail-Mix Activity Folder
4. The Trail-Mix features: notes, files, pictures, web links all filed under a specific Activity Folder
5. I love "squirreling away" little nuggets of information in Activity Folders
6. Three words: click and drag
7. No more searching around the Internet for pages to hyperlink (In what AOL folder did I put that "favorite" link?)
8. Blogging is greatly simplified - ideas for posts are stored in one place
9. I can drag from Trail-Mix directly to Blogger, skipping the tiresome old way of copying and pasting links, files, text, pictures
10. I think that Trail-Mix makes my PC think it's a Mac!

PS: I also use this application when I'm creating itineraries for travel --- especially my "ArtTrek" itineraries which are extremely detailed. For example: the "ArtTrek" to Chicago last May was created using Trail Mix. The Trail-Mix application saved me so much time that I didn't need to rush my packing.


Brennan said...

Melissa - thank you so much for the wonderful post!


Anonymous said...

You have great blog and this post is good!

stomach flu symptoms said...

I also love trail mix!! thanks