Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Piano Envy

Innocently enough, some of my students contacted me today about upgrading their digital piano and wanted some advice. How were they to know it would unleash the beast within known as PIANO ENVY! I've found the most amazing pianos (not all are digital.) My lottery ticket numbers are: 16, 18, 30, 36, 37 and the MEGA Number is: 3. Keep your fingers crossed!

I'm so in love with this little gem. When my 1908 Steinway goes to Montana to reside at Ashley Lake...I think this would be the perfect replacement. It's a Yamaha Modus digital piano.

and in yellow - so adorable! I'm reconsidering my master plan...maybe the Steinway stays in California and this goes to the lake...

This is Yamaha's AdvantGrand Piano - such an awesome name. The speakers are in the top of the piano, so the sound reverberates on the lid like an acoustic piano wood. Sub woofers are used for the bast notes.

I love the red interior.

And for more red...there is Elton John's Red piano also by Yamaha.

A few years ago I saw a 9' clear Lucite art case for a Yamaha digital grand...I can't find it now, but I'm looking. I think it was around $35K.

And this is the most amazing of all....(not digital, but WHO CARES!)

Schimmel's K 208 Pegasus Oval piano. OMG! It is only $200K. Lenny Kravitz has one. (Hmmmm so I just need one hit single to get one...KIDDING! I know that I would have to co-write, co-produce, play multiple instruments, etc. to be like Lenny!)

More later...I have the Steinway Art Case series to explore.

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