Monday, February 23, 2009

DIVA Moments

My friend Barbara Brandt is leaving the Bay Area for a job in Washington DC...She is not a musician, but she has been President of a National Labor organization and certainly has had her "diva" moments. I made this card for her goodbye party...

(the caption reads: Diva - You Don't Need A Stage To Be One!)

Actually almost every woman I know (and a few men) have had their DIVA moments. For example, check out the You Tube postings of my husband singing art songs by the French composer Henri Duparc

I've played these piece by Duparc with David in the past. Now we rarely appear together on stage (because of off stage DIVA battles). Luckily for him, he has found an excellent pianist, Seth Stafford, to collaborate for some of Seth's DIVA gestures at the piano - they never detract from the singer, but they are pianistic DIVA moves none the less!

I'm sure that someday soon my DIVA moment will come...I'd better go practice for it!

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artslice said...

Love your blog! I just found it... I've been taking piano for 7 years as an adult (and took as a kid) I really enjoyed your post before 'DIVA' about how you break down your practicing. You're an inspiration!