Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Guests

Of course the 100th anniversary party for our 1908 Steinway would not have been a success without the guests...

enjoying the libations...

...guests in shadow...

...relaxing before the music begins again...

...waiting for a turn at the piano

...Patti after her splendid performance of the Berg Sonata

...And some comments from the guests...

Thanks for the well tempered party. Everything is in key! - Liang & John
We're happy to help you celebrate your piano's 100th birthday - Verity & Ed
What a perfect 100th Birthday celebration for your "baby" (grand) - Toni D.
This is what music should be - enjoyed! - Tamara L.

Loved your food - Gary D.
What a great idea to celebrate the 100th B-day of the Piano! - Nancy D.
To Steinway, Melissa and David - Happy Birthday! Looking forward to the
150th Birthday party! - Miwa & Ron
All the best to you, 1908 Steinway A! To the next 100 years! - Janet C.

...and many, many more lovely salutations and felicitations.

Thanks to everyone who made our party for our Steinway so special and memorable.

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